Hard Ice Cream

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Enjoy your Diperie delights whenever, where ever.

A bubblegum-flavored ice cream topped with a multitude of multicolored round real bubblegum.
A guaranteed treat! Cherry-flavoured ice cream with voluminous dark chocolate shavings and gigantic burgundy cherries.
A double delight, chocolate-flavored ice cream fused with chocolate fudge sauce.
A traditional, creamy chocolate-flavored ice cream. Simple, but just as delicious as the old days.
An ice cream flavored with vanilla, blue raspberry and candy cherry. Kids love its taste and flamboyant colors!
A strawberry flavoured non-dairy fat free treat.
A lemon lime flavoured non-dairy fat free treat.
Vanilla-flavored ice cream and generous chunks of cookie dough.
A vanilla-flavoured ice cream mixed with a multitude of chocolate and cream cookie pieces.
Cotton candy flavored ice cream with real cotton candy bits! For those who still have a child’s heart!
A tasty strawberry-flavored ice cream with a real strawberry sauce.
Vanilla and salted caramel ice cream, topped with a caramel coulis. The perfect sweet and savory combination!
A sweet praline-flavoured ice cream with delicious praline pecans.
A pistachio-flavored ice cream sprinkled with generous chunks of pistachios.
An ice cream flavor of pecans, chocolate and double caramel.
A mint-flavoured ice cream with dark chocolate shavings.
Sweet and juicy watermelon flavoured sherbet. Chocolate “seeds” included!
A maple taffy-flavored ice cream topped with a rich taffy coulis and crunchy maple sugar chunks. It has an authentic sugar shack taste. It’s also the best-selling ice cream in dairy bars.
A wildly popular tropical treat with just a hint of citrus.
A traditional, creamy vanilla-flavored ice cream.

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